Local couple has solution for toting beverages

November 25, 2009

Observer: Tell us about your business, including the types of services and/or products you feature.
Cheryl Chorazewitz: We sell personal bottled beverage carriers – bottle dockers – which easily clip onto your waistband or belt and carry all standard plastic bottles. The Bottle Docker can also be attached to a bag or purse if you don’t want to wear it on your person, and fold flat for pocket storage. We are doing this on a retail basis for now and soon will be progressing into wholesale distribution.

Observer: What makes your business unique?
Cheryl Chorazewitz: Bottle Dockers are very portable and very functional whether you’re going around the block or around the world. It’s still a somewhat new type of product as many people have never seen a personal bottled beverage carrier. Thus far, our customers have been very enthusiastic about them. The Bottle Dockers also make unique corporate “give-away” items as the face of the Bottle Docker allows full view of your corporate logo. We have the Bottle Dockers made in North Carolina. Made in the USA is very important to us.

Observer: How did you first decide to open your own business?
Cheryl Chorazewitz: We believe strongly in the product and have used something similar for a number of years. We bought one of every competing product and soon realized that our design was the easiest to use and the most portable. We were confident that others would share our opinion and so far that has proven true based on our test market sales and the enthusiasm of our customers.

Observer: How did you decide to locate in the Farmington/Farmington Hills community?
Cheryl Chorazewitz: For now, we are operating the business from our home.

Observer: Do you have a funny tidbit or story to share with our readers about your experiences so far as a small business owner?
Cheryl Chorazewitz: One of the best motivators for us is getting feedback from customers as to how/where people use their Bottle Docker. Whether it be under their clown suit (true story!), at the machine shop where they work, cutting the grass, going to Disney World, whatever.
The best one so far was the mother from Ohio who sent two down to her son stationed at Camp
Lejeune. His platoon liked them so much that they ordered 50 from us prior to their deployment to Afghanistan in late October. Needless to say, we were thrilled to be able to send Bottle Dockers along with the 2nd battalion, 2nd Marines division – thinking about it still gives me chills.

Additional Facts
Bottle Docker
Business name: Bottle Docker LLC
Business address: 25019 Arden Park, suite 125, Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Your name and title: Cheryl Chorazewitz, CEO, Steve Chorazewitz, COO
Your hometown: Farmington Hills
Business opened when?: July 2009
Number of employees: None – it’s just my husband and myself
Your business specialty: Retail and wholesale distribution of Bottle Dockers – your personal bottled beverage carrier
Business phone and/or web site: (248) 686-2774 www.Bottledocker.com

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Bottle Docker, LLC

25019 Arden Park Dr., Ste. 125
Farmington Hills, MI  48336
Phone: 800.826.1962
Email: sales@jlynninc.com